• Arup graduate looking into camera.

    Graduates at Arup

  • Consultants at Arup

  • Heathrow Terminal 5. Credit David J Osborn.

    Engineers at Arup

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Arup graduate looking into camera.

Graduates at Arup

Arup is involved in some of the world's most challenging consulting, engineering and design projects. To continue to be the best at what we do, we look for the best graduates to join our partnership.

Consultants at Arup

We want graduate consultants with a passion for developing the skills to create practical and innovative solutions to the big issues facing the world. More on graduates at work.

Heathrow Terminal 5. Credit David J Osborn.

Engineers at Arup

We work on the most exciting and iconic engineering projects in the world, and our graduate engineers play a major part. More on graduates at work.

Salary and benefits

Arup is an exciting and dynamic place to work. Together with a competitive starting salary, we offer a market-leading flexible benefits package that allows you to choose the benefits that suit you. More about salary and benefits...

Training and development

Year after year, Arup continues to attract graduates and undergraduates of the highest quality who recognise the excellent development and placement opportunities we can provide. More about training and development...

Help us shape a better world

To be the best at what we do and deliver real value to our clients, we look for the best graduates to join our firm. Bring a head full of ideas, a drive to keep exploring, and we'll provide the support and opportunities you need for a challenging and fulfilling career.

Arup is a unique, independent, employee-owned organisation. This allows us to make sound decisions for the future, work for the right clients and deliver solutions that are high in quality and value.

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    Tristram Carfrae is now Deputy Chair at Arup, having started in the firm as a graduate.

World-renowned projects

As an Arup graduate you will have the chance to work on exciting and iconic projects and with major clients like King's CrossBritish Energy and Yorkshire Water.

Our work often involves solving difficult client issues by providing management and technical consulting services. In this area our clients include BAA, the NHS and the Crown Estate.

You will be encouraged and supported to deliver quality work that has a positive influence on the community and the environment. Work that shapes a better world. See more projects.

Graduates at Arup

We offer graduates the support and opportunities they need to kick-start a successful career with us.

From the start you will have access to the firm's unrivalled community of experts and you will find a culture where anyone is happy to answer a question.

You will have the chance to attend training in and outside the firm, network in the industry and even to work abroad.

Our values

Arup's operating principles and commitment to sustainability are paramount. Our ownership structure ensures we retain our independent spirit. A creative spark and intellectual independence has been there from the very beginning.

Our shared values unify Arup people – a formidable and diverse group of individuals who freely exchange ideas and opinions. More about our structure and values.