Military Museum Dresden, night view. Credit: Ulrich Rossmann

Artistic spaces

Extension of the largest and most innovative museum of its kind in Germany.

Military History Museum
External view of the centre roof, credit Ralph Richter/architecturphoto

Elliptical roof

Spectacular and innovative roof crowns the Sony Centre 'forum' at the heart of Berlin's Potsdamer Platz development .

Sony Centre
Internal view of

Dynamic design

An exciting, curvilinear and fluid space filled with light, providing views and connections throughout the building.Library and Learning Centre, WU Wien

Since opening our first office in Düsseldorf in 1991, Arup in Germany has grown to around 150 people with additional offices in Berlin and Frankfurt. We offer a wide array of consulting services with a special focus on sustainability to local and global projects. Notable local projects include Commerzbank Headquarters and Potsdamer Platz in Berlin.




  • 20Nov 2014

    International Highrise Award win for Bosco Verticale

    The award was presented by the City of Frankfurt am Main together with Deutsches Architekturmuseum and DekaBank.

  • 06Nov 2014

    "The Algae House” book launches at Venice Biennale

    Together with three other "Smart Material Houses", the prototypical building by SPLITTERWERK and Arup forms part of the International Building Exhibition 2013 in Hamburg. Microalgae are cultivated in glass photo bioreactors to generate energy and, at the same time, control the light and shade into the building.

  • 14Oct 2014

    Expanding Foresight consulting in Europe

    Uerz will establish Foresight Consulting Services in Continental Europe with a focus on future-orientated themes such as traffic and transportation, urbanization, water and energy.

  • 23Sep 2014

    SolarLeaf awarded “Applied Innovation” of the year

    The facade of the four-storey residential building BIQ House in Hamburg (designed by SPLITTERWERK Architects) comprises 129 integrated SolarLeaf photo-bioreactors. These absorb CO2 emissions, while converting natural light into biomass and heat as renewable energy resources and can also be used as adaptive shading devices. Photosynthesis takes place in this new generation of glass photo-bioreactors, installed on the southwest and southeast elevations.