Exterior view of the cocoon tower, credit Koji

A cocoon-shaped structure

The cocoon shape symbolises the role of the building: nurturing students inside.

MODE GAKUEN Cocoon Tower
Exterior view of Sony City, credit Sony Life Insurance Co Ltd

Cube of strength

Winner of the Seismic Isolation Award 2008 from the Japan Society of Seismic Isolation.

Sony City Tokyo
Nicolas, credit Daichi Ano

Structurally resilient

A structural system inspired by the pendulum movement of an antique clock.

Nicolas G Hayek Center
HOTO FUDO (c)Koji Fujii/Nacasa & Partners Inc

A sustainable restaurant

A unique restaurant at the foot of Mt Fuji designed for low carbon footprint and control of heat and light.


With more than 20 years of experience in Japan, Arup has established itself as a thought leader in seismic engineering in the country. Our notable structures include Nicolas G Hayak Center which adopts a new the self mass damper system; Sony City, a massive 20-storey near-cube with base isolation in the basement. In Japan, we work closely with other offices in Asia and worldwide, giving our clients access to a full range of our global skills and best practices.




  • 11Sep 2014

    Young Engineer Award at the IABSE 2014

    The tool, developed by our engineers in London and Madrid, allows a rapid design of suspended footbridges by empowering local engineers in developed countries. It includes bridge-building processes and adjustments to different needs and construction requirements.

  • 24Apr 2013

    Kauffman Center wins top engineering award

    The award was announced last night during a ceremony at Washington DC’s Grand Hyatt. Arup’s chairman for the Americas, Mahadev Raman, and Washington DC group leader, Greg Giammalvo, accepted the award.

  • 04Jul 2012

    Singapore marks latest milestone in ‘City in a Garden’ vision

    Bay South, one of the three uniquely themed world-class gardens is the first in the government-funded development to be ready.

  • 10May 2012

    Serpentine Gallery reveals plans for Pavilion

    It will be the twelfth commission in the Gallery’s annual series, the world’s first and most ambitious architectural programme of its kind.



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