Rijksmuseum, gallery of honour. © John Lewis Marshall

Renovation of national museum

Building services and lighting design integrated in the architecture.

Resonanz, detail. ©Arup

Creating an immersive landscape

Highlighting identity by infusing light, sound and shadow.

NIOO, exterior view. Credit: Sebastian van Damme

Sustainable concrete

Structural design for Netherlands Institute of Ecology

Ecobridge. ©Ineke Key

Cable stayed bridge as wildcrossing

Enhancing the diversity of fauna.

Exterior view Stedelijk Museum. ©John Lewis Marshall

Hovering superstructure

Renovation and extension of the largest modern art museum in the Netherlands.

Stedelijk Museum

Established in Amsterdam in 2000, Arup in the Netherlands comprises recognised consultants in all aspects of building and infrastructure design. With access to Arup’s specialist networks around the world, the team in Amsterdam is able to bring global expertise to local projects, as well as to consult on international iconic projects.




  • 05Mar 2015

    Renovation complete at the southern Kreekrak Bridge

    The renovation work involved global additional strengthening, necessary accommodate for future traffic loading, which includes the application of new steelwork to the main girders and the jacking of the bridge at pier supports. The works are being undertaken in a phased manner in order to minimize the hindrance impact on both the road and canal traffic.

  • 23Dec 2014

    Southern deck of the Galecopper Bridge reopens

    Through a successful application of a layer of high strength concrete to the top of the deck of the A12 in the direction to Arnhem, the renovation of the south bridge of the Galecopper Bridge is as good as finished.

  • 15Dec 2014

    Breaking ground for self-build homes in Amsterdam

    Arup has helped six house owners and their architects (denieuwegeneratie, GUM Architects, Next Architects + Claudia Linders and Sven Butteling) by designing the structures and building services through interactive workshops on construction methods, indoor climate and sustainability. This enabled the residents to arrange permits efficiently and jointly realise the construction.

  • 04Dec 2014

    Do it yourself at the Amsterdam Penguin Pool

    The Penguin Pool is a global series of events developed by Arup to inform, inspire and entertain. Over 120 guests were welcomed in the former luggage hall of Amsterdam's maritime heritage building, which was transformed into an indoor festival setting, taking things back to nature and the idea of 'do it yourself'.