Renewable energy

We convert bright ideas in renewable energy into workable solutions.

Arup is known for its technical ingenuity. We are also trusted because of our track record in successfully realising ambitious ideas.

The best ideas in renewables can help ease pressure on our resources and environment as demand for energy swells. To turn those ideas into successful schemes, Arup merges technical ability with business sense.

Arup’s technical, business planning and project management support helps clients realise viable schemes in energy from solar, offshore and onshore wind, marine, geothermal, waste and bio-fuel sources.

We work with governments, businesses, developers and the energy sector worldwide to incorporate renewables into robust energy strategies, as well as buildings and urban developments.

Delivering on change

“There is no shortage of natural, clean sources of power in the world. Our challenge is to harness them economically.”

– John Miles, Director, Arup 2011

Our advice comes via a pragmatic filter. We take into account the diverse conditions of success for proposed projects, from securing investment to gaining community acceptance. In turn, that real-world view channels our inventiveness – for instance, in solving dilemmas in offshore wind.

Offshore windfarms take advantage of wind speeds offshore to yield more power than facilities onshore. But creating turbine foundations on the seabed is typically costly and difficult. Arup’s work on gravity base foundations with partners Costain and Hochtief has produced a solution that drives down the cost of offshore foundations and brings greater ease to installation, operation and maintenance.

Better business

Arup’s renewable energy specialists help clients to find better ways to achieve their goals in energy efficiency, carbon management and sustainability.

For E.ON, we identified potential carbon emission hotspots in the fuel supply chain during planning for Portbury Docks biomass power station. Elsewhere, we helped Yorkshire Water cut operating costs by introducing wind turbines to generate energy onsite at Loftsome Bridge water treatment works.

Equitable energy

Protecting our environment is just one dimension of sustainability. Arup is also exploring how renewable technologies can help communities thrive economically and provide wider access to power globally.

Arup’s advice is helping not-for-profit renewable energy developer Just Energy to develop viable wind energy businesses in South African communities. In the UK, our work with Partnerships for Renewables is examining the potential for public sector organisations to make economic and environmental gains through renewable energy without diverting public funds from essential services.

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