Cities and climate change

Cities are home to 50% of the world’s population and are responsible for 75% of carbon emissions. By 2050, the UN estimates that 70% of the world's growing population will live in cities.

Cities have the ability and will to lead initiatives to tackle global climate change.

As advisor to the C40 cities group, Arup has co-authored Climate Action in Megacities – the first ever comprehensive analysis of actions underway to address climate change in the world’s megacities. The 40 member cities represent 297m people, 18% of global GDP and 10% of global carbon emissions.

Finding smart and efficient ways to provide for more people with fewer resources will make cities more resilient to climate change and reduce their impact on the environment. Arup is well placed to help city administrations do this.

Creating resilient cities

We help cities take the lead in becoming more resilient.

Our engineers and designers are rethinking the design of infrastructure and buildings, while our planners and policy experts consult on the business cases and policy decisions that are essential in creating a resilient city.

Technical excellence

Our engineering heritage means we understand the complete range of systems that make up a city, from supplying energy and water to dealing with waste.

Arup is also at the forefront of low-carbon technology. From our work with renewable and distributed energy to electric transport and smart cities, we have the technical expertise to create any component of a resilient city.

Policy, planning and integration

Our broad knowledge and range of expertise means we understand how all of the elements of a resilient city should be integrated to produce the best results.

From visible elements like buildings and public spaces to unseen support systems like broadband connectivity and energy supply, Arup has the skills to help city administrations make the right decisions.

Each city shares challenges but has unique needs. Thanks to our global reach we are ideally placed to help city leaders deliver the best solutions anywhere in the world.


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