Rob Leslie-Carter named in list of top 'project influencers'

05 May 2009

Rob Leslie-Carter has been named one of the top 10 project influencers in the world by Project, the magazine of the Association for Project Management.

The ‘impact list’ highlights individuals who have had the biggest influence on the project management profession over the last 12 months. These ‘movers and shakers’ are recognised for their influence in shaping major programs and projects, and also for inspiring and motivating others in their profession.

Project describes Rob as having a “mantra of authenticity, honesty, fairness and open mindedness”.

In 2008 Rob’s project management team collected the 'International Project of the Year' awards from both the Australian Institute of Project Management and the Association for Project Management for managing Arup's design of the Water Cube in Beijing.

In a wide ranging interview with Project, Rob describes his experience working on such an iconic and intricate building.

“The Water Cube is the best example of integrating engineering and architecture I can think of. From an engineering perspective the Water Cube did everything we wanted, but underlying all the technical stuff there is a very simple poetry about a building that is full of water which looks like a box of bubbles.”

The Project interview also reflects more broadly on Rob’s career, including his experiences working on Manchester Airport and the Laban School of Dance in London. Rob was named 'Project Manager of the Year' at the 2003 Association for Project Management awards for his role on Laban, and the building was recently named first in the list of Britain’s 50 Most Inspiring Buildings.

For someone “who always wanted to join Arup” even as a schoolboy, Rob has achieved more than 16 successful years in the company and we congratulate him on this recent achievement.

Rob currently leads Arup's Sydney office.