IT and communications systems

Our systems and technology experts drive value for clients by realising new opportunities, reducing costs and managing risk.

Arup works at the forefront of information, communications and multimedia technologies. We understand the built environment and our clients’ businesses. Crucially, we know how these elements work together to move businesses forward.

Uniting technology and strategy

Technology is a business enabler. In a project’s early stages, we work with stakeholders to determine the business case and define technology requirements. The resulting strategy defines their enterprise architecture – a high-level road map designed to fuel business success.

The right strategy opens up communication between stakeholders, balancing functionality with cost and risk, from day one. It has paved the way to success on projects, such as our work for UK National Air Traffic Services, where our business and technology solutions delivered considerable business efficiencies.

Systems design and procurement

Our long-term engagement in diverse market sectors gives us the understanding we need to design systems that provide robust platforms for business improvement.

With market insight, we help clients seize opportunities. Our transformative ideas for technology in sport have been put into practice and cited as best practice examples in the development of world-class sports facilities from the Singapore Sports Hub to the successful provision of IT and communications technologies for worldwide sports events.

We use our wide experience and global network to tailor teams that bring the right skills to each project. We continually refine our expertise and draw on in-depth understanding of the latest technological advances so that we can ‘future proof’ systems and protect investment as far as possible.

Faced with fast-evolving technology, Arup delivers innovation not complexity. At London Heathrow Terminal 5 we introduced an award-winning shared mobile network infrastructure, never before achieved at that scale. It cut costs for the mobile operators and our client BAA, and eliminated wasteful duplication in installation and maintenance.

Implementation and assurance

Twenty-five years experience in implementation and technical assurance means that we can confidently manage risk – from operability to programme and budget.

Technology and construction have divergent life cycles. Where they meet, Arup brings alignment. Our technology experts speak the language of architects, engineers and contractors. As a result, construction teams understand how to best incorporate technology and clients get the solutions they need – as achieved in new headquarters for the Singapore Media Development Authority.

Operational readiness

With the facility complete and technology installed, operational readiness brings systems and people together for a smooth transition from construction to operation. Here, Arup’s ability to advise multiple stakeholders is seen to best effect – managing trials, resolving technical issues, monitoring interoperability and steering the sequence of opening.

We have managed the successful opening of facilities such as Dubai Emirates Terminal 3, one the world’s largest terminal buildings, where we managed delivery and integration of all airport systems including flight information, operational and security systems and a common IT network.

To find out more, download our IT and Communication Systems brochure (PDF, 2MB). Also, take a look at our publications regarding workplace strategy and smart cities.



Inside the ticket hall of the newly refurbished Kings Cross St Pancras station, London, UK.King’s Cross St Pancras Underground Station

The redevelopment has relieved congestion, improved safety and increased capacity.

  • Heathrow Terminal 5Heathrow Terminal 5

    Arup provided multidisciplinary services, from project management to people movement studies.

  • Artists Impression of Singapore Sports Hub ©OakerSingapore Sports Hub

    The largest sports infrastructure Public Private Partnership project in the world.