Oil and gas

Arup’s inventive thinking is improving approaches to oil and gas.

Today, our energy-hungry world depends on fossil fuels. Arup is helping the oil and gas sector become more efficient, while improving sustainability and helping keep energy costs down.

Our ideas improve infrastructure and storage for exploration, production and transport. Meanwhile, our specialist engineering and project management skills ensure the efficient and timely delivery of major projects and the ongoing structural and geotechnical integrity of on- and offshore facilities.

Better from end to end

Our forward thinking in liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects is proven in the planning, including environmentally sensitive site selection, design and construction supervision for processing plants and receiving terminals.

We combine infrastructure and maritime experience to realise ideas that improve operational efficiency and reduce both cost and environmental impact, as we did with a new norm in terminal layout at Costa Azul.

Our expertise also extends to all types of LNG storage, including our solution for an all-concrete tank that costs less and is faster to install, and our work on an onshore membrane-lined tank for mid-scale LNG production and receiving terminals.

Easing offshore challenges

Arup’s innovations in self-installing platforms and substructures simplify construction of offshore facilities, particularly where remote locations or challenging conditions make execution difficult or costly.

We originated design of the shallow water concrete gravity substructure (CGS). Our experience delivering CGS projects spans Russia, the Philippines (with the award-winning Malampaya CGS) and Australia.

For diverse projects, we tailor delivery of the self-installing Arup Concept Elevating (ACE) platforms (PDF brochure, 500KB), including examples in New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia.

Arup’s expertise in diverse offshore solutions also includes steel gravity-based substructures, such as a recent example in Turkmenistan and LNG development.

Delivering major pipelines

Arup uses its comprehensive skillset to balance the critical issues of safety, environmental impact and cost for cross-country and sub-sea pipeline crossings.

For instance, our diverse contribution to a multi-products pipeline from Durban to Gauteng included engineering, environmental and security and risk advice.

Download our oil and gas brochure (PDF, 4.6MB) to find out more.



The Maari Wellhead Platform in the Taranaki Basin. Photo credit Geoff Leggatt.Maari Wellhead Platform

Arup's second self-installing DrillACE platform.