Barbara Lane

Barbara Lane

Barbara Lane
  • Arup Fellow
    Fire Engineering Practice Leader

Your best solution to date?

Being part of the delivery team for Terminal 2 in Dublin airport.

Why is it significant?

Being part of a team of people who exerted personal commitment, effort and problem solving abilities, to achieve what felt to us on many days like the impossible. It was an honour and career changing to witness everyone’s dedication and the project’s impact.

Your particular skill?

Fire engineering.


Making clients happy - it may sound trite - but it is a true challenge to really provide high quality practical solutions of use to a client and be commercially astute on their behalf. Fire engineering relies entirely on hardworking trustworthy relationships too as we have to bring so many people on board. That collaborative environment is inspiring. The multiple skills and personal efforts required to deliver a real building people actually want to use, is the most unsung part of our profession.

Why Arup?

I regularly meet people who work here who have such knowledge and skill and belief in the power of engineering, and at such a high quality level. I am in awe of what they have achieved and are continuing to achieve all around the world.

Anything else?

I've been very privileged with the opportunities available to me since I left St David’s secondary school in Greystones, co.Wicklow. There I met a senior executive from a major oil company who told me women couldn’t be engineers. He inspired me to pursue this profession, and so follow in the footsteps of my father. As the song goes "it’s a long long way from Clare to here".