Our values and history

The power to influence the future of the built environment carries with it a weighty responsibility.

Many of Arup’s projects leave a legacy to subsequent generations: a legacy that outlasts any one individual. With 10,000 projects going on at any one time, Arup is doing the best possible job for current and future generations.  Putting sustainability at the heart of its work is one of the ways in which Arup exerts a positive influence on the wider world. Put simply, Arup people are driven to find a better way.

Arup’s independent ownership structure gives conviction a place in its decision-making, alongside the needs of clients and commercial imperatives. The result is clear-sighted, thoughtful decisions about its priorities as a business and as a member of society. 

Arup influences many people’s lives through its projects. Shaping a sustainable future – particularly through the urban environment – will be one of the greatest challenges in the 21st century. Arup is rising to the challenge: investing in research, innovating and creating better solutions for its clients and the wider world.

“…our lives are inextricably mixed up with those of our fellow human beings, and that there can be no real happiness in isolation…” Ove Arup, 1970.


  • Ove Arup, sitting on a garden bench.

    Our founder, Ove Arup. Read more about our history.

  • The Sydney Opera House

    The Sydney Opera House - perhaps one of Arup's best known projects. We continue to work on the venue today - find out more.

  • Annual report 2013/14 front cover

    Download the Annual Report 2015 (PDF, 3MB)