Caudan Waterfront Development

Commercial centre

Realising an essential tourist, cultural and commercial centre at the heart of Port Louis from concept through to completion.

Caudan Waterfront development

Since establishing an office in Port Louis in 1975, we have been involved in some of the most iconic building projects on the island, including the Mauritius Commercial Bank in Ebene. Now with around 90 staff, we offer structural, civil and environmental engineering services to the private and public sectors.




  • 17Dec 2015

    Arup continues growth and improves performance

    The firm’s annual income rose to £1.13bn as a result of strong financial growth in the UK, Asia and America. The Group generated profits before taxation and profit sharing to staff of £96.7 million. As the firm has no external shareholders, the employee-owned business was able to distribute two thirds of this profit back to staff members.

  • 14Dec 2011

    2011 results: solid performance in tough market

    Top line global income rose by 8.7% to £966.4m (mainly due to the consolidation of Arup’s South African business), while net cashflow was positive at £40.9m and operating profits were £24.6m.

  • 14Dec 2011

    Energy research post for John Miles

    Arup, the Royal Academy of Engineering and the University of Cambridge have joined forces to create new energy research post, reflecting growing interest in how society can build toward a lower carbon future while supporting sustainable economic growth.

  • 11Nov 2011

    Sainsbury Laboratory wins at WAF

    The Sainsbury Laboratory brings together world-leading scientists in a working environment of the highest quality in the University's Botanic Garden. This 11,000m2 plant science research centre also houses specimens brought back on the Beagle by Charles Darwin.