Telefonica HQ - District C

  • Campus of 12 office buildings located in Madrid's outskirts. 
  • A double skinned façade improves thermal and acoustic properties.
  • More than 60,000m2 of glass surface.

Telefonica, one of the largest Spanish companies, has regrouped its 14,000 employees in one unique headquarters in Madrid.

This campus-headquarters, known as "City of Communication", consists of 12 office buildings plus two access and general services buildings - including administration, restaurants, a clinic or gymnasiums - all located in a new area in the north of the city. Each identical corner of the site contains three buildings, defining the campus perimeter.

Our team in Span was the consulting façade engineer for the architect, Rafael de la Hoz.

As part of a joint process, we defined the façade details and the calculations. We also wrote the specification in accordance with stringent European regulations.

A unique special glass system

The buildings resemble a group of ice blocks, due to the inside glass sections being printed with white dots and the shiny reflective quality of the outer skin.

The total surface of the façade is more than 60,000m², but the total surface area of the glass is almost twice this size.


  • Telefonica HQ - District C. Credit: Arup/John Fass.Open gallery

    A campus of 12 office buildings on the outskirts of Madrid for one of the largest companies in Spain.

  • Telefonica HQ - District C. Credit: Arup/John Fass.Open gallery

    The façade consists of a double skin-glass system developed for its thermal and acoustic properties.