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Renewable energy

We work with owners, lenders and contractors to develop cost-effective renewable energy projects.

Renewable energy doesn’t just mean solar, wind and hydro, it encompasses biomass, anaerobic digestion, hybrid systems, marine tidal and wave power. Every situation demands a different solution, whether concentrated power generation or dispersed small scale, whether feeding into major transmission, into distribution networks or microgrids. Our experts will work with you to find the best options.

Technical expertise

Our global reach and worldwide knowledge-sharing networks allows us to assist clients in understanding what solutions and technologies are most appropriate. We work with a wide client base from organisations with large property portfolios seeking solar PV through to investors looking to establish a wind farm.

For example, we are owners engineer for a 200MW solar PV array in South Africa (the southern hemisphere’s largest) and are deploying rooftop solar PV on the new Jaguar Landrover plant in the UK.

Improved storage and smarter power networks will further reinforce this trend. We are supporting clients with innovative funding, procurement and smarter engineering solutions to further improve market competitiveness. Our advanced structural analytical diagnostics skills, coupled with load history data capture allows us to help clients track the value of their assets.

Our expertise started in the extreme conditions of offshore oil and gas, our skills and experience allowed for us to transfer our ideas into offshore marine projects such as the engineering of the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon. Our understanding of microgrids and regulatory frameworks is also valuable in achieving viable renewables schemes.

“The ‘stone age’ did not end because the world ran out of stone. It ended because better and more efficient ways were found to do things.”

In Africa, we’ve provided technical advice to lenders, acted as owners’ engineer on solar and wind renewables projects and provided transaction advice. In Europe we have advised on transactions covering up to 1GW of wind power whilst in Asia we’ve advised on solar, wind and the world’s largest sludge treatment facility.

In such a fast-moving industry, it is essential to keep learning and evolving. We’re working with leading academic institutions on cutting edge research into topics such as network stability and energy storage.

Combining renewables with other energy sources

Sometimes our clients want to combine more than one energy source. We’ve worked on hybrid energy systems combining generators with solar PV and have worked with the City and County of San Francisco to create a system that combines energy storage, solar PV supported by a generator.

Our broader energy market offering

We support clients by bringing specific and cross-sector experience to challenging projects in energy, covering power, heat and transport. Whatever your needs in the complex energy market we are able to bring solutions through our service offerings.

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  • Justin Wimbush
  • Global Renewable Energy Leader

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