Designing positive outcomes

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Our clients believe in the transformative power of excellent design: a power to shape a world where people are safer, healthier, have greater amenity and are inspired by their environments.

Design is at the heart of everything we do at Arup. Whether creating physical objects, plans, processes or systems, it is a collaborative enterprise: between us and our clients, within project teams and between our teams and the communities the projects will service.

Over the past year, we have consulted, planned, engineered and advised on a vast range of creative and technically-challenging projects. The 50+ projects in our seventh edition of the Design Yearbook give some clue to the diversity of that work.

By designing projects that have positive outcomes for our clients and end-users, our ambition is to help shape a better world. This collection of stories shows how, through design, we imaginatively integrate our deep technical skill to do so.

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The Design Yearbook 2011 is a collection of design short stories.

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Michael Wolff acted as creative advisor on the Design Yearbook. Read and comment on his blog 'The meaning of design' on Thoughts.


Designing positive outcomes

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      The Design Yearbook 2011 showcases over 50 creative and diverse projects Arup has worked on in 2011.