Silver at Holcim Awards 2011 Latin America

12 Oct 2011

Arup is one of the lead consultants of the team that picked up the Silver Award at the Sustainable Construction Holcim Awards 2011, Latin America.

The award recognises work on the sustainable post-tsunami reconstruction master plan for Constitución in Chile. The Arup team is led by Alejandro Gutierrez (Milan) with important contributions from Arup MadridLondon and San Francisco.

This master plan was developed after the 2010 earthquake and tsunami that struck Constitución, a city of 46,000 people located on the shore of the Pacific Ocean and 300km southwest of Chile’s capital, Santiago. It proposes a strategy to respond with ‘geographical answers’ to the ‘geographical threats’ of the earthquake and tsunami risk.

The Holcim Awards is an international competition that recognises innovative projects and future-oriented concepts on regional and global levels. A total of US$2m in prize money is awarded in each three-year cycle. The entry is now a runner up for the Holcim Global Awards to be selected in March 2012.



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