Kai Tak District Cooling System

The District Cooling System in Kai Tak Development offers economical advantages over the conventional centralized air-conditioning systems. This mainly comes from the diversity factor, in that the total installed cooling capacity at the centralized plant is smaller than the sum of individual plants at the individual buildings based on conventional design. It is estimated that savings of at least 10% on overall installed capacity can be achieved which will also reduce the material use and plant space in individual buildings.

There are significant benefits both in terms of environment, comfort, operational efficiency, energy conservation, flexibility in planning and superior system reliability. By using seawater for heat rejection there is further energy saving and also more open space released to the public through removal of cooling towers.

When fully complete, the system will serve the Cruise Terminal Building as well as new developments on the former Kai Tak Airport site. This will be the first DCS ever built in Hong Kong and is one of the most important green features realising the sustainability vision of the Hong Kong government

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    The district cooling system will use the surrounding seawater and is expected to save the equivalent of HK$76.5M a year.