Shanghai World Financial Center

  • One of the world's tallest buildings
  • Developing fire engineering solutions for a super high-rise building

The 492m high Shanghai World Financial Center is one of the world’s tallest buildings. The super-high-rise tower comprises offices, hotel accommodation, conference rooms, observation decks and retail space on the ground floors.

Arup’s fire team was appointed as the fire engineering consultant in 2003 to develop performance-based fire engineering solutions and an overall fire safety manual. A further appointment was given in 2007 to revise and provide further input to the fire engineering study.

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"Evacuation time was brought down by over 40%. The report will also be used for future high-rise building design"  
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The challenges posed to Arup engineers were how to speed up the evacuation process during an emergency, to control smoke spread in the viewing deck section during a fire and to convince the Shanghai authorities to accept the concept of using elevators as supplementary means of evacuation for this super-high-rise building.

Arup’s scope of work included developing a full fire safety management manual, considering various evacuation modes, emergency action plans and the upkeep of the fire safety systems, and the best design practices for evacuation of super-high-rise buildings for potential future developments.


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  • The 492m high Shanghai World Financial Centre is the world’s tallest building.

    The 492m high Shanghai World Financial Centre is one of the world’s tallest buildings.