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  1. Five minute guide to hydrogen

    Our five minute guide looks at Hydrogen as an emerging energy vector which has many advantages.
  2. Five minute guide to Energy in Cities

    Our ‘Energy in Cities’ five minute guide responds to changes in energy generation, distribution and consumption in the context of cities and their importance in addressing global energy challenges.
  3. Five minute guide to microgrids

    If you want to achieve cost-effective increased self-sufficiency and your project is complex with multiple energy demands, then a microgrid could be appropriate.
  4. Five minute guide to rooftop solar PV

    Our five minute guide highlights a source of renewable energy in the form of a rooftop PV system which is mounted onto the roof or integrated into the façade of a building
  5. Five minute guide to electricity storage technologies

    Our five minute guide outlines the different types of electricity storage technologies, the advantages/disadvantages of each and how the available technologies can be applied.
  6. Five minute guide to electricity storage

    This short guide gives a brief outline of the different types of electricity storage technologies. It also looks at their advantages/disadvantages and how they are applied.
  7. Five minute guide to the Energy Trilemma

    The Energy Trilemma impacts Countries, Cities and Organisations. Our guide explains the trilemma and addresses the three elements of security, sustainability and affordability.
  8. Energy storage