We care about our people, our communities and those that we influence by our actions. We are committed to meeting all applicable standards of health, safety and wellbeing and strive for zero harm in everything we do. We are committed to embedding a positive safety culture through engagement, collaboration and listening. 

  • Maintain a culture of care, where safety is a primary consideration in everything we do. 
  • Strive for continual improvement in our health and safety systems and approach. 
  • Operate responsibly, ensuring compliance, ethics and integrity are central to everything we do in health and safety. 
  • Support our people through a positive working environment that protects and promotes physical and mental wellbeing. 
  • Positively influence the health and safety of the projects we work on. 
  • Empower and support everyone at Arup to make health and safety integral to their role, their work, and any services they perform. 
We will: 
  • Manage and reduce our risks through effective systems and processes. 
  • Resource our commitment with appropriate investment, systems, equipment, information, and training. 
  • Commit to relevant legal requirements, standards, and professional codes. 
  • Promote positive leadership, behaviours, and actions. 
  • Engage with our people so their ideas, innovations and experiences are a source of improvement. 
  • Integrate health, safety and wellbeing into our design, advice and decisions. 
  • Collaborate with clients, partners and suppliers to improve health and safety. 
  • Nurture a healthy, positive work culture where there is zero tolerance to the inappropriate use of drugs and alcohol in the workplace. 
  • Embed a culture of continuous learning that celebrates success and improves through experience. 
  • We will achieve this by all being accountable and taking personal responsibility for health, safety and wellbeing. 


This policy is set by the Group Board and implemented across all Arup operations through rules, procedures, training and guidance. 

The Group Board sets the policy and direction, with the Regions responsible for the day to day implementation of their detailed plans and for meeting their compliance obligations.

It is reviewed and approved annually, or more frequently if appropriate.

The Health, Safety and Wellbeing Director acts for Arup in ensuring that plans are developed and implemented to enable us to reach the aims set out in this policy, while fulfilling applicable legal, regulatory, and other requirements. 


Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy