Arup Ventures is our business for supporting the development, commercialisation and scaling of early-stage companies seeking to transform aspects of the built environment for the better.

Ultimately, we invest in ideas and organisations that have transformative impact on the built environment, and sustainable development at their core.

In parallel, we run a venture building programme, taking our own commercial innovations to market through IP licensing and spin-outs. Doing it ourselves allows us to create impact at a scale beyond consultancy, and to understand first-hand the challenges that founders face.

Arup has consistently set the bar for innovation as a leader in the AEC industry. Arup Ventures enables companies like us to benefit from the massive knowledge and experience that comes from the company’s industry leadership to more effectively navigate a market value chain notorious for its complexity.

Andrew Lindsey

CEO, Flexnode

Developing ventures

Our trusted brand, deep-rooted culture of collaboration, and unparalleled access to domain expertise position us uniquely to help companies grow. We work with founders to identify key challenges or strategic opportunities for our technical, commercial or strategic input, and then deliver this support on an investment basis under a range of models including for equity or revenue share. We do not invest capital.

Every investment is different, but we generally contribute across three areas:

Knowledge – deploying our industry-leading expertise, IP and know-how to support activities including product development, pilot delivery, regulatory assistance and commercial strategy.

Reach – using our global footprint and relationships with major players across a diverse set of markets to support activities including customer testing and access to new markets and geographies.

Influence – leveraging our influential members and links with key research bodies, policy makers and professional institutions to raise profile and support strategy through board and advisory positions.