We are more than just an organisation, we operate as an extraordinary global collective, held in trust for the benefit of our members. Our unique structure empowers us with the freedom to set our own direction and our common purpose of shaping a better and more sustainable world. We are highly collaborative, cherish inclusivity, and value the power of consensus, while respecting and encouraging diversity and individuality.

We are curious and creative by nature. We don’t accept the notion that something can’t be done. If there’s a way to do it, we’ll find it, and if there isn’t a way, we’ll invent it. Today we channel the ingenuity and collaboration that dared to imagine the Sydney Opera House, to tackle climate change through a just energy transition.

This is an exciting time to be working in the energy sector, and joining Arup offers the opportunity to work on the most interesting projects around.

Alan Thomson

Global Energy Leader

Join us in the fight against climate change

Transforming the global energy system is one of the most impactful ways we can overcome the impacts of climate change. We imagine, plan, and design the energy supply and distribution systems that power our cities and industries. We’ve made a conscious choice to channel our collective efforts towards low-carbon energy solutions, leaving fossil fuel generation to others. It’s this unwavering commitment to a net-zero future that is at the heart of what we do.

As part of our highly networked global energy community, we offer opportunities across all aspects of energy transition. Our approach is multidisciplinary from the start. We create energy solutions across all global market sectors, and we support our clients throughout the life cycle of energy assets. Our rapid progress in energy transformation offers unparalleled opportunities for professional growth. Our 'One Arup' approach fosters diverse experiences and global collaboration.

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We’re a thriving global organisation with ambitious energy business growth plans - our strength comes from how we respect, share, and connect our diverse experiences, perspectives, and ideas. We care about each member’s success, so we can grow together. Together we can we turn the impossible into tangible solutions in the fight against climate change. 

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