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A future with purpose

Each year, Arup seeks out a diverse set of students for our acclaimed summer internship program. We look for students who are passionate about their field of study, who are curious about the professional world and eager to shape a better world through sustainable development.

When joining us an Intern, you'll work on real projects and add value to clients from your first day. Exploring every challenge with curiosity and creativity, we encourage individuality to thrive.

Program details

At Arup, we offer a paid summer internship program in the Americas. You will work on teams with our members and contribute to the success of the projects we are working on. Along with this, the opportunity includes learning sessions with leadership, intern social events, site visits, and projects with other interns, along with the chance to present to our members.

7 Sept Internship applications open

31 Jan Internship applications close

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Taking your career forward with Arup

We aim to cultivate a work environment that encourages our members to expierence a fulfilling and rewarding career. At Arup, you’ll join an unrivalled community of experts and thought leaders in a supportive culture to help you succeed in your career. We care about each member’s success and are committed to providing a solid foundation to your development through our purpose, shared values and collaborative approach. It is through the quality relationships you foster and the learning that you immerse yourself in which will enable you to thrive in your role here.

Job responsibilities

During your time at Arup, you will collaborate with our members on many different projects and challenges. Responsibilities may include:

  • Working closely with senior engineers on multiple projects

  • Assisting in design and analysis

  • Preparing and reviewing drawings

  • Participating in interdisciplinary meetings

  • Participate in local events including a site visit, social event, lunch & learns, and leadership connects.

  • Work on a multidisciplinary, regional group project with interns across different offices leading to a final presentation shared with region peers, team members and leaders. 

Our ideal candidate

We only hire the best. A few characteristics we look for include:

  • Enrollment as a fulltime undergraduate or graduate student in a degree program related to the internship

  • Minimum of two completed upper division courses within related discipline

  • Prior project and/or internship experience

  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to work in a team

  • Self-motivated, innovative thinker, willing to take on new challenges

  • Involved in extracurricular activities

Meet our people

Delina Gebrezghi

I really enjoyed my time as an intern. I got the opportunity to work on three projects and gained a lot of valuable experience. I was given tasks that challenged me, but I also had good support as I navigated these challenges.

Michelle Pani

I am so happy to be involved in conversations on how to positively impact the city I love the most – New York! Some of the projects I have worked on include non-profit organizations focusing on equality, recreation centers, and public spaces.

Victor Imbo

The internship was my first real experience with acoustics, and I was immediately attracted to how the team here at Arup blended technical knowledge with creative expertise.

Starting your application

In the Americas, we begin accepting Intern applications as early as September 1 and close all positions by January 31. As a best practice we encourage students to apply as early in the recruitment cycle as possible to provide them with the best opportunity to be considered.

All candidates interested in being considered for opportunities will be provided with a fair and equitable opportunity to be considered without bias or discrimination.

A group of interns at Arup
Internship application process

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about the application process, please browse the FAQ below. If you have any further questions about internship recruitment at Arup in the US, Canada or Colombia, please email [email protected].

What vacancies can I apply for with my degree?

Arup takes on Interns from a broad range of degree subjects. The main thing we look for is relevant course content and practical experience, leadership, and an interest in the business area. All roles are listed on our website with required criteria for the specific position.

How do I submit my online application form?

Visit our website and select the relevant degree discipline. This will bring up all relevant vacancies, where you can read our job descriptions and select the vacancy that you are most interested in. At the bottom of the job description page you will find a link to apply to the job.

When is your timeline for Intern recruitment?

Recruiting typically begins in the fall for and extends into spring for Interns. As we are recruiting for individual roles, the deadline will depend on the specific role that you are interested in. If a specific deadline applies, it will be noted on the job description, however, we encourage you to get your application in early during the recruiting season as we receive multiple applications for each position! For most of our roles we do not operate on an application deadline, but we do process applications as we receive them. Therefore, we strongly advise candidates to apply as soon as possible to ensure their application is considered.

What kind of people are you looking for?

There is no simple answer to this question. Arup employees a range of Interns from all different degrees and backgrounds. If you think you fit in with the culture of the firm and are passionate about making a difference, then there may be a role for you!

Can I submit more than one application?

Candidates can complete more than one application form per recruitment cycle. However, please only apply for locations and roles that are suited to your studies and career goals.

What should I do if I have not heard back on my application?

If you have not heard back on your application, this may mean you are still under consideration for that position. You can log into your candidate profile to see the most up to date status regarding your application.

What vacancies are available at which location?

Our vacancies are determined by business need at our 16 different offices in the Americas region. Learn more about our offices:

Which roles can I apply for?

We have a wide range of opportunities across the Americas in many of our business areas. View our opportunities pages to see which business areas you can apply for based on your degree subject. We regularly opportunities across all of our areas of expertise.

When will I be expected to start work?

When applying, applicants can see the month and year when the role starts in the title of the role. For example: Marketing Intern (June 2024) or Bridge & Civil Structures Engineering Intern (Available May 2024 - May 2025)

What are your entry requirements?

We generally ask for a sound technical background in a relevant degree. Requirements may vary slightly from job to job, so refer to the job description for the role you are interested in to see if you meet the requirements. However here are some basic criteria that all candidates must meet:

  • You should already have, or are about to Graduate in, a relevant degree
  • You should have obtained, or are predicted to obtain, a 3.0 or above in a relevant degree.

Do you accept applications from Interns requiring a Certificate of Sponsorship?

Yes, Arup accepts applications from candidates who require Employment Sponsorship and will work with our Immigration attorneys, if appropriate, to determine eligibility. Candidates must be legally eligible to work in the country of application.

Do you offer reimbursement for any professional licenses or Certifications for interns?

Unfortunately, Arup does not provide financial reimbursement for interns who peruse any professional license or certification before or during their internship with Arup.

What training and development will I receive?

Training and professional development of our Interns is very important to us at Arup. There is a comprehensive portfolio of training available to enhance the knowledge, skills and outlook of all staff members. However, most of your learning will be done through on-the-job learning and exposure to real clients from the day you join.

What do I do if I have a disability or learning difference which may affect the interview process?

Candidates have the opportunity to disclose any disability or learning difference they may have on their application form. We will then make any appropriate arrangements for you should you reach a further stage in our recruitment process. The information gathered during the recruitment process is only used to allow for adjustments to be made for the interview, and is not considered in any other context of your application.