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Graduate program

Our Graduate Development Program is designed to open up a world of possibilities for you. You’ll get to work on groundbreaking projects, enjoy quality mentoring from top professionals, and be exposed to all sorts of challenges with individually-tailored support to ensure you succeed.

Your two-year program will consist of five components:

1. Orientation program

Your Arup journey begins with a three-month orientation program, which includes:

  • first day induction 

  • corporate induction (company information, HR, OH&S) 

  • group induction 

  • probationary review and objective setting discussion 

2. Graduate induction weekend

A weekend designed to help you understand more about Arup, discover where your interests lie and how you’d like your career to evolve. The weekend comprises two full conferencing days with a variety of activities to help you meet and get to know other graduates and key members of the management team.

Meet James Trevorrow, a fire engineer and "pretty good" runner in our Sydney office. Enticed away from a potential career in academia and research, James is active in our Community Engagement program in Australia and overseas.

3. Technical training

In addition to the short-course program, your professional development will be supplemented by specialist technical training in areas determined by your group and discipline.

4. Professional development programs

If you’re an engineer, you’ll have the opportunity to become a member of the Engineers Australia professional development program (PDP).
Designed to assist you become chartered, the program will provide you with support and guidance from Arup and Engineers Australia, including workshops, online support and learning materials. Engineers Australia Workshops will be held in all major Arup locations, and will include information and writing sessions.

For non-engineers, we’ll provide you with the opportunity to achieve a relevant professional qualification.

We are not currently accepting applications. We will be opening graduate applications in all locations and disciplines in early 2019, so please revisit our page regularly!

Amanda Chong is a digital analyst, making maps and visualistions for her home town of Melbourne as well Perth and Auckland. At lunch time you might find Amanda and a host of others listening to music and helping to map disaster areas as part of the Missing Maps initiative.

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