Jasmijn Westerveld

Melbourne local time - 7:05 AM

Jasmijn is a Graduate Electrical Engineer in our Melbourne Buildings team.

What did you study and where?

I studied a four-year Bachelor of Engineering with honours in Electronic and Computer Engineering at Griffith University in Brisbane.

When did you first learn about Arup? Why did you choose to join the firm?

I first learned about Arup in 2017 when I was offered an industry project with Arup in the Netherlands from a family friend. I then completed a three-month internship in the Amsterdam office as part of my thesis project for university. Throughout this period, I learnt about Arup’s culture, values and business drive. This inspired me to apply for the graduate program, as the opportunity to work overseas was one of my long-term goals in my career.

What's your favourite part about being a graduate at Arup?

As a graduate at Arup you are given the freedom to learn and experience the industry with all the support you need. You are not expected to know everything from day one or expected to learn everything by day two. Instead you are given the opportunity to slowly develop your skills within the area you enjoy over a two-year period. One of the key values of Arup is ‘Quality of Staff’. This is clearly shown in the guidance and support you receive by everyone throughout your graduate program.

How do Arup's goals and values align with your career goals and your own personal values?

Arup’s goal to ‘engineer the world’ with ‘total architecture’, aligns with my goal of working overseas in the future. And to be a part of something big or as Ove once said, “to shape a better world”. Arup, being a global firm gives me that opportunity to work on projects all over the world. To make a difference to not only Australia but the world. Being a graduate is only the beginning to one’s career, and what’s a better place to begin that career than at a company that will guide you to achieve your goals.

What is the most exciting thing you have worked on since joining Arup?

The most exciting thing I have been involved in since joining Arup is being part of the digital transformation initiative. Using skills I learnt from my internship I was given the opportunity to develop augmented reality (AR) applications for the buildings group. This work lead to me attending an AR conference where I met various people from the industry who are all passionate about creating a digital future. I am now working with the digital team to develop digital initiatives that could drive change in our future.

What’s your favourite Arup project?

My favourite project that I have worked on is the Science Gallery Museum as part of Melbourne Connect. Melbourne Connect is Melbourne’s new innovation precinct at the University of Melbourne. The precinct is set to drive social and economic transformation and create a progressive future for students and the broader community.

The Science Gallery Museum is a multidisciplinary project including building services, structures, geotechnics, civil, acoustic consulting and more. My role was to work alongside the senior engineer in designing the back-of-house lighting and electrical services for the gallery space. It was a challenging project as the space is not a standard commercial tower, but it is filled with moveable walls and flexible rooms to allow for all types of exhibitions. A project like Science Gallery Museum shows off Arup’s capability to work across a vast range of areas.

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