Inside Arup's Melbourne office

As a graduate, you’ll work with the best clients on innovative and challenging projects, large and small.

Our shared values create a unique culture – one that believes in quality, humanity, the highest ethics and social usefulness – a firm with purpose. Our people are known for being unconventional, thirsty for new knowledge and wanting to make an impact.

Arup provides our target of "reasonable prosperity for its members" through regular benchmarking of total benefits and salary packages against the industry. Furthermore, in the alignment with our "humane organisation" values, Arup ensures that its normal overhead includes:

  • Excellent benefits package

  • Support for staff involvement in the industry

  • Extensive training programs.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

Our vision is for an inclusive workplace, accepting and representative of our diverse society. Our focus areas are gender, LGBTI, culture and ethnicity, age/generational, Indigenous and disability.

We want everyone to feel they belong, have value, and can thrive. We are all unique – like a fingerprint – and we celebrate this uniqueness. 

Making a difference

Social responsibility and community engagement have always been at the core of our values. Arup’s Community Engagement programme invests about 3% of our profits on community engagement work each year, in five fields of activity. We support local community engagement work, a development fund, disaster relief and recovery work, our Global Challenge, education work, and carbon reduction initiatives. 

Community engagement in Australasia.

Social responsibility is a cornerstone of the way we work. As forward thinkers, we know that the choices we make today will impact on what happens tomorrow. So we’re committed to using our expertise, creativity and innovation to make this world a better place for all.

Arup in the Australasia region is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2020 with initiatives such as carbon offset of our flights, the use of renewable energy in our offices, and ensuring more sustainable procurement will ensure we reach out target.

Global profit share

Arup is owned in trust for the benefit of our employees, giving us all a genuine share in our success. We share our profit with our employees, so when the business does well, so do you. It’s yet another advantage of being an independent company. Each year we set aside 40% of profits to share with our staff – your share allocation is based on grade and length of service. Profit share is paid twice a year in addition to your salary.

A global perspective

We provide high quality work, wherever our clients need us; our people work in a variety of locations. It is important we share our knowledge and ideas generously across disciplines and time zones, through many different skills networks, ensuring that our clients get the best of us wherever they are.

We value mobility and seek development opportunities both domestically and internationally. This builds personal and professional relationships across the firm, develops expertise and innovations, and supports the delivery of a truly integrated ‘one Arup’ service to our clients in all regions and markets.

Learning, research and development

Through Arup University we support the development of our people globally. We use it to keep our skills at the cutting-edge, creating better leaders and fostering innovation. It provides a forum to explore new technical and design ideas.

We believe that research is fundamental to our pursuit of technical excellence and integral to our innovative business. Arup staff can request funding to explore new techniques and tools. With this support, you can push the limits of design and ensure that we are at the top of our industry.

Arup University: fuelling imagination for 70+ years.

As part of our commitment to nurturing young minds, Arup University runs ‘Design School’ – a global program that brings together a select group of nominees from all around the world, from all sorts of disciplines – from engineering, to marketing and finance – to strengthen skills in design.

People doing a group fitness session People doing a group fitness session

Work-life balance 

Working at Arup is more than ‘just a job’. We believe in the importance of taking time out and getting to know the people you work with on a different level. Strengthen your connections and build informal networks through optional activities like our end of year party, team sports, knowledge-sharing events, book and sketching clubs, picnics and BBQs, Friday night drinks, morning tea celebrations, awards nights and more.

We recognise that our people have responsibilities and passions outside of work, and that there are many reasons why people may want to work flexibly. We support flexibility for all sorts of reasons and have a range of options including flexible start and finish times, part-time working, working remotely and leave options.