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Working at Arup

Imagine that it’s your first day at work. You walk through the doors with a great idea, a plan or a design, all drawn up. You hand it to your manager and what do you know? It's given consideration. Yes, it's valued, like you are. Feels great, doesn’t it?

At Arup, that's exactly what you can expect: an innovative place that encourages and supports your potential to get you to where you want to be. A place that knows and respects that you have a life and need time out to enjoy it. A place that you feel you can actively contribute to right from the start.

Rewarding and interesting work

The Arup environment is unique. Driven by the values and philosophy of our founder, Ove Arup, which still holds strong to this day, we make sure that the work you do is both rewarding and interesting.

We’ll develop your leadership skills - encouraging and empowering you to contribute ideas from get go. You can expect to be involved in some of the most challenging and iconic projects in the Australasia region and beyond.

Expect to be valued for your commitment. Expect to enjoy a range of benefits and an active social life. Expect to grow in a more rewarding career.



Meet Vivian Teh, a structural engineer in our Singapore office. From designing slabs to keep buildings upright, constructing homes in developing countires, to hack-a-toy - there are infinite possibilities at Arup.

Staying true to our values

The sheer breadth of the markets we work in and expert services we offer demonstrates the success of an internationally renowned firm that continues to grow. But we’ve always held true to the central belief that our staff – the people who help us shape a better world – are our greatest asset.

We also value continually striving for excellence. We’re driven by a shared passion and ambition to be the best and a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility and we've notched up an impressive number of major awards as a result.

In joining Arup, you become a valued team member of a business that consistently produces iconic and award-winning work and is uniquely committed to your professional and personal development.

John Samineeni is a graduate transport planner in Perth. John spends his days modelling traffic, pedestrians and cyclists, and his evenings as the lead singer of the Sweet Pavlova's, the Perth office's band.