Xavier Watson

Melbourne local time - 6:25 AM

Xavier is a Graduate Acoustician in our Melbourne Consulting team.

What did you study and where?

Bachelor of Science, Diploma of Music Performance (Practical), Master of Engineering (Structural) all at the University of Melbourne.

When did you first learn about Arup? Why did you choose to join the firm?

I first learnt about Arup in 2015 after talking to a family friend who is an architect and insisted that I had to work at Arup if I was pursuing a career in engineering/design as it was his favourite firm to work with. After I did a bit more research and talked to a few people who worked at Arup I decided I really want to be there, especially because of the firm’s focus on people and culture, opportunities to do interesting research and work abroad during my career if I wanted to. These values really align with me and so it had to be Arup.

What's your favourite part about being a graduate at Arup?

The people I see and the incredible new space we work in every day. There are always going to be good and bad projects leading to good and bad times had during your career. Having the awesome people around you every day that celebrate with you during the highs and keep you smiling during the lows, and having a work space that keeps you positive and inspired is something that is pretty special about Arup. I am not surprised that there are many people that have worked here their whole lives.

How do Arup's goals and values align with your career goals and your own personal values?

The importance of people, communication and seeing the bigger picture in everything I do is something that I value above most things and the fact that Arup prides itself on this (go check out the Key Speech) is the reason I probably feel so comfortable coming to work every day. It’s also really cool that Arup values personal development as well as career progression and encourages people to work abroad or take on opportunities that aren’t always directly work related which something I’ve always hope to do in my career. I feel pretty confident that Arup will support what I want to do in my career and where I want it to go.

What is the most exciting thing you have worked on since joining Arup?

It was pretty incredible having the opportunity to do acoustic measurements at Hamer Hall. We had the hall to ourselves for an entire day and were guided around by the sound engineers who knew the space backwards and were super interested in what we were doing. I had performed at Hamer Hall a number of times during high school and uni but having the opportunity to see behind-the-scenes, take measurements and chat to the people who know the space so intimately was just such a rare opportunity and a truly memorable experience. I loved it.

What’s your favourite Arup project?

My favourite project has to be the Beyond Perception: Seeing the Unseen. Not only was it really cool to hear about Arup working with Scienceworks to promote STEM education for young, upcoming minds but I actually had the opportunity to go and experience the exhibition myself and hear the incredible work done by the Melbourne and Sydney Acoustics/AV teams. And the fact that it was an Acoustics/AV project just makes it cooler than the other projects.

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