Yijun Tay

Singapore local time - 4:27 AM

Yijun is a Graduate GIS (Geographic Information System) Consultant in our Singapore Digital Transport & Resources team.

What did you study and where:

Geography at the National University of Singapore (NUS), with 2 minors – 1) Geographical Information System (GIS) and 2) Urban Studies

When did you first learn about Arup? Why did you choose to join the firm?

I saw a position for a Transport Planner and wanted to apply, but my team leader contacted me before I could apply, looking for a GIS consultant. I joined on a contract position while still at university, spending 2 days a week in the office while finishing up my degree.

I was interested in the projects that Arup was doing in Singapore and around the world. Arup has a global presence and I get opportunities to work brilliant people from every part of the world.

What's your favourite part about being a graduate at Arup?

The people here are great! I get support from the GIS team within the region, who are always ready to share their experience and knowledge. We have bi-weekly calls to make sure everyone is aware of what’s going on in the region, or if we need additional help or resources. When I was in Sydney for the graduate weekend, the team there showed me around and took me out to lunch!

Aside from work, there are also many informal activities going on that makes work fun and interesting.

I joined the Design Culture committee and helped to organise a Parametric Design competition in the office, though I had no prior experience in parametric design. It was both challenging and fun to complete the task of designing a mobile dock; and while my team did not win, I got to make new friends and pick up a valuable design concept through a very different mode of learning.

I also joined the football group in the Singapore office and it’s a great way to get to know people - on the pitch, one’s grade is irrelevant! I got to hang out with and meet many people outside the “grad circle”, from senior staff, new interns, to visitors passing through our office. I also joined the team in Hong Kong when we were invited to join the East Asia Cup in 2018, and in Malacca, Malaysia when we were invited to join their Sports Carnival! Our weekly sessions also help me keep in shape!

Finally, I also worked with our colleagues around the region and globally to bring the Missing Maps project to the Singapore office. It is a lunch time community mapping activity where staff members volunteer their lunch hour to fill in missing areas on OpenStreetMap. This helps contribute to a global map database that can be accessed for humanitarian work and is used by several organisations like Doctors Without Borders and the Red Cross.

How do Arup's goals and values align with your career goals and your own personal values?

I was very impressed when I read the Key Speech prior to joining Arup - the values were so forward thinking at the time of writing, yet timeless, remaining relevant today as they were at the time of writing. I liked how it emphasised and demanded excellence, and was clear in its social goals.

What is the most exciting thing you have worked on since joining?

Whilst being a contact staff memeber, I travelled to the Hong Kong office to attend a AR/VR bootcamp where I got to learn from the talented people in the East Asia region. Thereafter, I got to apply the knowledge and developed a AR mobile application for a major project in Singapore. I was also given the opportunity to present the work to the office when the regional board members were in town; I represented the T&R group as a graduate while the Consulting and Buildings groups had their presentations by senior Associates!

What’s your favourite Arup project?

The Singapore Sports Hub is an iconic project in the cityscape of Singapore. It is not just a sporting venue but also a national symbol that serves sporting, entertainment, as well as community events. Replacing the old Kallang Stadium where I frequented as a youth, the Sports Hub is a fitting modern stadium that represents the vision of Singapore as a top global destination that showcases the engineering brilliance of Arup!

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