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To do work of quality, we must have people of quality ”

Ove Arup Sir Ove Arup Founder

Each year Arup in East Asia welcomes over 100 'cream of the crop' graduates to our offices in Hong Kong, mainland China, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. We offer high-calibre graduates, bursting with ideas and curiosity, the support and opportunity to enjoy an interesting and rewarding career.

HR Leader in East Asia, Catherine Tsui, talks about Arup's commitment to developing graduates.

Join Arup and you will find yourself working on some of the world’s most high-profile projects at the very start of your career!

From urban landmarks to research into the future to venues and infrastructure that set the stage for world events, you will have the chance to experience the amazing projects that were once in your dreams!

Be part of something big

We have delivered many world-class structures in the region. You will also have the opportunity to design projects outside your home country - we use international presence and range of disciplines to put various career choices in your reach. 

A passion for design is at the heart of Arup’s work.

We bring innovation, creativity and technical excellence into the design process and continuously explore new technology to provide the best solutions for our clients.

Driven by ambition to be the best, we notch up a fair share of major awards every year for our projects. These top accolades include Structural Excellence Awards, Green Building Awards, Tien-yow Jeme Civil Engineering Prize, and RIBA Lubetkin Prize.

Community school in Cambodia Community school in Cambodia

Make a meaningful impact

We offer structured platforms, such as the Arup Cause, for our people to work on a variety of pro bono projects and give back to the society with their expertise. This is just one reason why people feel proud to work for Arup.

Partnering with various charitable organisations such as A Drop of Life, Sowers Action, St James' Settlement, RedR and Wu Zhi Qiao (Bridge to China) Charitable Foundation, we use our skills to provide post-disaster relief and help the underprivileged where we can across the region and globe.

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Have a rewarding career

"Humanitarian organisation" and "reasonable prosperity of members" are at the heart of the firm's aims. We offer a competitive remuneration package.

Learning and development

People are our greatest assets. We train, coach and mentor our people in leadership, management and career development to help them obtain professional qualifications and to achieve their ambitions.

Diversity and inclusion

The people working at Arup are as diverse as the markets and communities we work within. They bring a full set of skills and different ideas and values that enable us to work out the best solutions for our diverse client base.

Social life

We are committed to balancing careers with other values. Arup has a corporate commitment to nurturing a working environment that supports our employees in achieving and maintaining a balance between their working and personal lives.

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