We started our ventures in mainland China in the early 1980s with Hilton Shanghai, helping to establish our foothold. Since then, we have becoming an important contributor to the nation’s unprecedented rapid development.

Apart from our signature projects for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and numerous skyscrapers shaping the skyline in the cities, we also partnered with local authorities and institutions to deliver our global perspective in planning state-level new area, boosting regional economic development and strengthening collaborations for Chinese clients reaching out to the world.

6 Offices across China

1000+ Projects completed in China

Arup in China

We currently have 6 offices located across China including Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Meet our people

Kelvin Wong

I think the best thing about working at Arup is the extra-ordinary projects that we get to work on. We really get to push the limits of modern technology and our own knowledge.

September Huang

Arup is multi-dimensional but integrated, and you learn, grow and are cared for here. That’s why I am back here to shape a better world.

Penny Cheung

My career at Arup has been constant change and that’s been exciting. I’ve been able to work on big and small projects and see the influence I’ve had.