Established in 1976, Arup have grown and transformed with Hong Kong, leaving a positive legacy for city dwellers.

Today our influence on the city’s urban fabric can be seen and felt everywhere, from its tallest building, its longest bridge, at the airport gateway and through a large share of its sophisticated railway networks, to urban planning solutions for the city’s smart and sustainable future.

Hong Kong is also our regional headquarters and the powerhouse for development of Arup's East Asia region, empowering our staff with latest skillsets including how digital will transform our industry.

2,230 Staff members in Hong Kong

7000+ Projects delivered in Hong Kong

Arup in Hong Kong

We encourage our graduates to develop qualities of diligence and perseverance; and to enhance abilities of team excellence and innovation. You will be offered a broad spectrum of diversity training and inclusion opportunities throughout your journey with Arup. We are looking for capable and independent individuals to work on some of the world’s most exciting projects and help us shape a more sustainable future.

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Meet our people

Gigi Kam

Thanks to Arup I’ve had the opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects that have really helped me to develop. And I have always felt supported.

Jin Fan

I’ve been lucky to work on some fascinating projects since commencing my career in aviation. In Taiwan I worked on Taoyuan International Airport – the 11th busiest in the world.

Maggie Ji

In addition to the skills and professional competence earned, I’m also encouraged to have a vision for the future of the industry and to sharpen critical thinking with innovative ideas to generate future-proof solutions.