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When talented people collaborate, great things are possible. Arup hires people with proven skills and open minds. As a diverse collective of extraordinary and collaborative people with shared values, we believe there’s nothing we can’t achieve if we work together.

Here are just a few of our members talking about how their work has helped us shape a better world.

108 Nationalities working at Arup

103 Languages spoken globally

What we do

We explore challenges with curiosity and creativity – using imagination, technology and rigour to deliver remarkable outcomes. Here’s an introduction to some of the members you might be working with:

Ove Arup at the Sydney Opera House


Arup began as an engineering firm, intending to become a place where engineers could be given the freedom and authority to pursue truly creative solutions. Over seven decades later, we’re still renowned for the quality, tenacity and creativity of our engineers, on projects as varied and challenging as High Speed 2, The Sagrada Familia and the Zhuhai bridge.

Meet engineer Penny Cheung
Architecure services at Arup


We have offered comprehensive architecture services for over 50 years, working on projects that combine simplicity, sustainability and value for money. Our growing, 250 strong-team, also work on technical specialist architecture like data-centres, sports venues and cultural buildings, working hand in hand with our colleagues across Arup.

Meet architect Aitana Paya Perez
Singapore Sports Hub


Planners shape projects to maximise the benefits for clients and communities alike. Whether we’re working on a new town square or an entire city, our planning teams are experts in turning client goals into workable, sustainable schemes that represent long-term value.

Lighting in a gallery

Technical specialists

Our people are technical specialists across a wide range of disciplines, from acoustics and lighting, to fire safety and MEP. Clients like our ability to work as a single, joined-up team, where are all the disciplines work together, solving problems with creativity and efficiency.

Meet Pavlina Akritas, lighting designer
Long Beach Civic Centre

Advisory consultants

Our advisory services team comprises economists, project managers, asset managers, scientists, investment managers, management consultants, trend forecasters and many other roles. Together, they help us to shape our clients’ long-term business priorities in powerful new ways.

Meet Jan Wurm, research and innovation lead
Digital and IT

Digital and IT

We are digital to the core, with a growing range of digital experts, harnessing the power of data to produce new insights, software and services. Our IT teams support the always growing range of digital tools our people rely on.

Meet Maggie Ji, digital engineer
Staff at work

Business support teams

Underpinning our day-to-day work are the business support teams: marketers, lawyers, HR experts, communicators, business analysts, facilities leaders, accountants and many kinds of experts.

Meet Carina Wu, global affairs