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The quality of our work depends on our access to the most compelling ideas and training – that’s why we started Arup University.
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For over ten years, Arup University has ensured that the firm develops its people, supported its communities of practice, and stayed at the forefront of an ever-changing industry.

We have always attracted some of the brightest and most academically qualified new members, but we needed a process to rapidly build their real-world experience and understanding. Arup University’s programmes do just that.

Staying ahead in an ideas industry

Design and engineering, and the hundreds of related disciplines we call on every day, are being constantly developed and reinvented. That’s why it makes sense to ensure everyone at Arup has the ability to ask, learn, share and explore.

Foresight, Research and Innovation is the Arup team that leads exploration and research into new ideas. The University also offers a wide variety of professional training programmes, ensuring our people can continue to learn throughout their careers. Its knowledge management function shares best practice across all five of our global regions. Finally, our library, project data, and firm history services allow people to build on what others have already achieved.

Foresight: Always looking forward

Arup’s Foresight team consider the biggest questions facing our industry, from climate change to renewable energy, autonomous vehicles to the future of airports. They help clients track the trends that matter and stay ahead.