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We need resilient, net zero cities

Resilience of places and people must be strengthened as we eliminate emissions from the ways we live and work.

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Waves crash into the railway at Dawlish - climate change will present ever greater challenges to our infrastructure Solar panels in a city - combating climate change will require an energy transition to renewable energy sources Artist's impression of a green city - incorporating more greenery into cities could be key in overcoming the expected heat increases cities will face as a result of climate change Offshore wind turbine - harnessing wind power is a key element of transitioning our energy supply to renewables Singapore's Jewel Changi Airport - making existing means of transport more sustainable requires news ways of thinking

The transition to clean energy is underway

But we need to move faster. Replacing fossil fuels with zero carbon and low emission alternatives is an urgent priority for all economies and sectors.

We're acting now

Nature already has the answers

We just need to listen. Nature-based solutions are affordable and scalable; they have a powerful role to play in decarbonising the built environment.

We're acting now

Transport can pioneer decarbonisation

We need to adopt a system-wide, multi-modal approach that leads to zero-emission transport options for all.

We're acting now

Arup’s journey to net zero

It’s imperative that businesses with a public sustainability focus practice what they preach. So we’re being fully transparent about every action required for us to hit our 2030 net zero target.

After a full internal review of our business processes, we determined that a 30% reduction in emissions was required for us to hit net zero.

Our strategy is grounded by science-based goals for full-value chain emissions, while we compensate hard-to-decarbonise emissions with certified greenhouse gas removal.

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  • Company purchase (4%)
  • Cut commute time (2%)
  • Business travel (10%)
  • Use electric travel (1.5%)
  • Electricity usage (6%)
  • Supplier emissions (6.5%)
People on a city street - Arup works with a number of partners to create more resilient cities and places


Our partnerships help us further the sustainable development agenda with the support of globally influential bodies and institutions. These collaborations address systemic challenges, and help progressive outcomes to gain credibility and momentum.

The impact of our partnerships