Arturo Fernandez

Arturo Fernandez


  • Europe Landscape Architecture Leader

Arturo is a landscape architect and horticulturist with more than 15 years designing and managing landscape, urban regeneration, and nature-based solutions projects.

With special sensitivity for the design of vibrant, sustainable spaces adapted to the end users and the culture and environmental conditions of the place.

His capacity to understand and customize the design has been developing globally with large experience in Northern Europe, the Mediterranean basin, South-America, Middle East, and Asia. Arturo has been at the forefront of cutting edge, internationally recognised, and award-winning projects such as Kings Cross in London, Madrid Nuevo Norte, Valencia Central Park in Spain, Cyprus International University Masterplan, Peru Reconstruction with Changes or Oman Botanic Gardens.

Arturo is currently focused on the integration of natural infrastructure in association with water cycles in urban, rural and natural environments.