Bob Donker

Bob Donker

Senior Technician

  • Australasia Visualisation Leader

Bob is a Visualisation and Virtual Reality specialist in the Australasia Infrastructure Digital Engineering team.

Starting his career as a Civil Design Technician, Bob has a strong technical background and has experience producing technical documentation for a range of infrastructure projects across Queensland and Australia.

Bob now leads the Australasia visualisation team and has been responsible for managing the delivery of media quality rendered animations and still images for a large number of projects and clients throughout Australia and across the globe.

These animations are used extensively by clients to assist with public consultation and community engagement, project approvals and project launch events and media releases.

The visualisation material can also be utilised to perform technical design checks as well as educate clients and the public on complex technical design solutions. Bob has also produced several virtual reality and augmented reality experiences for both internal projects and external clients.

The last few years have seen Bob and the regional team deliver visualisation and interactive content for some of Australia’s largest infrastructure projects. These multidisciplinary visualisation solutions bring future projects to life, aiding decision-making and engagement by creating immersive and emotive virtual experiences.