Carsten Hein Arup

Carsten Hein

Associate Director

Carsten Hein started his career as a structural engineer in 1989 and has been with Arup Deutschland GmbH since 1996.

During his career, he has acquired extensive experience across various types of construction in all areas of structural design. Through various research projects he has investigated new possibilities to further develop composite materials and to revitalise the use of timber and timber composites as sustainable building materials.

Carsten Hein is the lead designer in the German timber team, sharing knowledge across disciplines including structures, fire, acoustics, sustainability and circular design. In this role he connects with internal and external researchers – mainly in the field of timber design or product development.

Computation (computer-based optimisation) is another area Carsten is interested in; BIM, 3D modelling, Finite Element analysis and parametric design are part of the state-of-the-art approach to sustainable design of future buildings.

Currently Carsten is dedicating part of his time to apply his teams timber and digital expertise to further explore modular, circular and sustainable ways of construction.