Elida Karaivanova, Arup

Elida Karaivanova

Associate Director

  • Europe Industry and Manufacturing Leader

Elida Karaivanova leads Arup’s Science, Industry and Technology business in The Netherlands as well as the Industry business for the Europe region.  

Currently living in The Netherlands, Elida has worked on the delivery of complex, multidisciplinary projects across Europe and the UK as a project manager and a chartered engineer.

Focused on partnering with our clients and developing large project teams, Elida uses her collaborative and proactive approach to deliver valuable and high-quality outcomes for global industry leaders. She is experienced in working on projects from the initial phases of the asset, through to completion and refurbishment, and across multiple sectors. Reaching to her wide network, Elida’s efficient and innovative partnering approach connects recognised specialists to solve challenges and assist clients in meeting their schedule and budget targets.

Elida is focused on implementing sustainability and circular economy principles as a fundamental component in the decision-making process. Leveraging her client and project experience together with her network, she led the development of Redefining the Green Factory. The Green Factory is a comprehensive roadmap and set of principles to support clients in meeting ESG corporate commitments and legislative requirements for their assets. Through those principles, facilities and portfolios can be prepared for the sustainable future, become more self-sufficient and resilient to external forces and factors, and seek to reduce operational costs.