Frances Yang, Arup

Frances Yang

Associate Principal

  • Americas Circular Economy Lead

As leader of the sustainable materials practice in the Americas region of Arup, Frances has extensive experience in leading projects towards lower carbon, more sustainable, and healthier outcomes.

Combining her expertise in structural engineering, construction materials and advanced used of life-cycle assessment (LCA) tools, she has helped numerous projects aggressively drive down embodied carbon within our built environment.

Frances is a constant mobilizer and collaborator, having served on the Carbon Leadership Forum Board, vice-chaired the USGBC Materials and Resources Technical Advisory Group and the Structural Engineers 2050 Commitment, and co-founding the All for Reuse initiative. She also co-authored “Prescription for Healthier Building Materials: a Design and Implementation Protocol” for the AIA, the “Wood Like Never Before” chapter within the New Carbon Architecture book, and the ASCE technical guidance document “Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment: Reference Building Structure and Strategies,” which is referenced by LEEDv4, ILFI’s Zero Carbon Certification, and other respected standards.