Graham Dodd, Arup

Graham Dodd

Arup Fellow


Graham leads Arup's team of materials scientists and engineers who advance the safe and effective use of materials and fabrication technologies from design through to repair and re-use.

He is also an Arup Fellow promoting excellence and innovation that contributes to sustainable development.

Originally qualifying as a mechanical engineer, Graham trained in consumer durables manufacturing and materials information systems before starting to develop my specialism for glass as a designer in industry. He has led façade engineering and structural glass projects in many parts of the world for over 25 years in Arup, involving advances in capability and knowledge. He has authored numerous papers and publications on engineering with glass, describing prize-winning projects and novel concepts. Graham's current work is focussed on closing the loop of materials use in construction, including an industry collaboration on the use of force-sensitive robotics in recovery of glass.

Since its foundation Graham has been a Fellow of the Society of Façade Engineering, contributing to the UK Construction Industry Council working group of engineers addressing competence in response to the Hackitt Report.