Marta Granda Nistal

Marta Granda Nistal


  • UKIMEA Experience Design Leader

Marta leads Arup’s Digital Studio, a Strategic and User Experience design team in the UK, India, Middle East and Africa region, where she brings her expertise in business innovation, digital design and sustainable building development. 

The team works across various industries, applying people-centred research and strategic design methodologies that bring people to the core of the design process , to address “wicked problems” of the built environment. By piloting small while designing at scale, the team delivers breakthrough strategies and solutions – from improving flood resilience and strengthening public digital infrastructure to futureproofing housing design and humanising the airport user experience.

A strategist at heart, Marta is a designer with a background in architecture. While pursuing her MBA at London Business School, she specialised in digital business strategy gaining first-hand experience of how business models are evolving in response to the disruptive power of emerging technologies. 

She has co-founded two design companies, fuelled by her passion for reimagining spaces and cities through sustainable physical and digital experiences that create value for people and communities.