Mei-Yee Man Oram

Mei-Yee Man Oram

Associate Director

  • Global Accessibility and Inclusion Lead

I lead the Access and Inclusive Environments team, working on a range of projects relating to inclusive design and accessibility. 

In my daily work, I evaluate the built environment in relation to local and national requirements, social and cultural setting, and general best practice. Designing inclusively not only addresses the needs of our current diverse communities, but also provides socially sustainable environments for future generations (for example, to accommodate our ageing population).

My educational background is in architecture and art history. Along with my involvement in social integration community schemes, Accessible Environments has been a perfect fit for me to balance my interests in both the spatial and social implications of design.

It has been said that design enlightens and improves the quality of life - this is something that should be available to all sectors of society, regardless of personal circumstance.