Raj Patel, Arts and Culture Lead at Arup

Raj Patel

Arup Fellow


  • Global Arts and Culture Leader
  • Global Theatre and Venue Consulting Leader
  • Global Acoustic Consulting Leader
  • Global Audio Visual and Multimedia Leader

Raj Patel is an Arup Fellow and Global Leader of the Acoustics, Audiovisual, and Theatre Consulting practice. 

He is a leading international acoustics, audiovisual, and multimedia consultant and designer.

Throughout his career Raj has been at the forefront of developing acoustic and electroacoustic computer modeling and visualization techniques. In conjunction with his colleagues, he developed the pioneering Arup SoundLab. A unique tool to create accurate audio renderings of 3D space, SoundLab allows designers to experience and listen to buildings before they are built as a means of enhancing the collaborative design process. This knowledge has also been applied to conceive and create spaces specifically for the development and presentation of immersive spatial and 3D audio/video works and multimedia installations.

His collaborative works with artists including Lou Reed, Philip Glass, Nick Cave, Bjork, Iain Forsythe and Jane Pollard, have been presented in a range of spaces including the Tate Modern, The Whitney, MoMA (NY), and The British Film Institute.

He leads multidisciplinary teams at Arup through project planning, programming development, design and construction, working with many of the world’s highest profile architecture and design practices.