Rob Harrison

Rob Harrison


  • Europe and UKIMEA Vibration Engineering Leader

Rob is the Europe and UKIMEA Leader for Vibration Engineering. He specialises in minimising structural vibrations in sectors such as healthcare and research facilities - where highly sensitive equipment is used, and where peoples' perception of vibration is important.

Recently he has been involved with the design of the Manchester Engineering Campus Development, a facility which will house sub-angstrom resolution electron microscopy and The Christie Proton Beam Therapy Centre, a building which is the first in the UK for this type of cancer treatment. For these low vibration environment buildings, every aspect of the design needs to be considered for vibration. 

Rob has also worked on stadiums such as the Donbass Area, where movement of the stands due to crowds jumping and dancing can cause concern to spectators. His doctoral research in this area and award-winning paper was used in the IStructE design guidance for permanent grandstands which is used for stadia around the world.