Rudi Scheuermann, Arup

Rudi Scheuermann

Arup Fellow


  • Global Building Envelope and Facade Design Leader

Rudi Scheuermann leads the Cities Business at Arup in Germany.

He is focused on designing sustainable and resilient cities. Over the decades of his career, Rudi Scheuermann has worked with world-class architects and engineers around the globe. The key topics in the Cities Business are the realisation of urban mobility renewal, urban ecology and sustainable energy supply based on the development of digital planning principles. For several years, he has been developing solutions on how to integrate infrastructural green into urban life –  in other words, how to make cities more liveable.

In recognition of his achievements, he was appointed Arup Fellow in 2014.

Rudi Scheuermann studied architecture at the University of Karlsruhe and later completed a research study in Bath, England, with a master's degree in architecture in membrane constructions. In addition to various teaching positions at the Universities of Hanover, the RWTH in Aachen and the HAWK in Hildesheim, Holzminden and Göttingen, as well as over 10 years as an office leader in Berlin and Global Building Envelope Design Leader at Arup, he worked for architecture and engineering firms in Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain and the USA.