Stephen Philips, Arup

Stephen Philips


  • Global Product Design Leader

Stephen is Arup’s Global Product Design leader.

With over 30 years’ experience of multi-disciplinary product design and development projects, he specialises in the design of physical products and installations for clients across a range of categories, markets and scales.

Stephen combines a client focused design process with stakeholder research and Arup’s wider global technical expertise to inform and develop people, client and planet centred solutions. He advises on technical development, prototyping, materials and responsible production techniques that respond to climate change.

He has accrued in-depth experience in the development of physical products including lighting, M&E, products that interface with digital technologies, building related products, design installations and furniture. He aims to enhance user experience and reduce societies planetary impact. Many product development projects led by Stephen have achieved international awards and are widely used today. He is a Chartered Industrial Designer and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.