Tim Aslswede

Tim Ahlswede


  • Europe Architecture Leader

Tim Ahlswede is Arup's Architecture Services and Design Lead in Europe.

For Tim, design is relationship work. It is wanting to understand clients and context. It is pragmatic philosophy, cocreation and social value. Design is planned improvisation. It is about the essential – How can we do better with less. That is ‘Total Architecture’ today for him.

As an Architect and Project Director, he has designed and managed numerous ambitious buildings and state of the art constructions on behalf of his clients. His portfolio includes a diverse range of competitions and projects, such as a research and development centre, industrial and office buildings, new build and existing high rise buildings, innovative facades, and product design, among others. As a general planner he has also led several multidisciplinary design teams.

Tim studied History & Political Science at the Ruhr University and completed his architecture studies at Bochum University of Applied Science. Before joining Arup, he was a member of the management board at schneider+schumacher with responsibilities for design, commercials, quality and knowledge management.