Tom Randall, Arup

Tom Randall

Associate Director

  • Global and UKIMEA Building Performance Leader

Tom leads UKIMEA building performance services and Arup global building performance and systems skills network leader.

This covers services and expertise that get under the skin of how buildings are actually performing in operation and advising how to deliver sustained improvement: operating efficiently to provide comfortable, productive, safe environments.  This delivers immediate operational benefits alongside contributing to reducing capital costs and meeting mandatory and voluntary ESG objectives and reporting requirements.

Services Tom leads cover core technical expertise relevant to most sectors in investigating and improving the performance of building services systems, occupant surveys, and change management – improving alignment of organisational practices with ensuring buildings perform well on a daily basis.

Example clients are The Crown Estate, ensuring accurate operational performance data is being captured across their estate, and Landsec, reviewing and advising on improving the operational performance of office and retail assets Landsec reporting 10-20% reduction in energy use following implementation of our recommendations.