Adapting to a COVID-19 world

Acting now. Preparing for tomorrow.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a major shock to the world. The human cost is hard to bear and our thoughts are with all those affected. While governments race to address the immediate issues posed by the outbreak, organisations are already considering how to recover and resume business, once the virus is under control.

No one has all the answers. But as countries, businesses and individuals plan for a post-pandemic future, everyone must draw on their skills and experience to shape a safer and more resilient world.


Immediate needs

As engineers, designers and consultants we have a role to play in this moment of crisis. It’s a time to rethink assumptions and apply our expertise in radical new ways at pace. This is a moment to be brave, try new ideas and collaborate closely with others to develop services and facilities our communities need.

We have developed CareBox, a modular system that enables hospitals and clinics to rapidly expand critical care capacity, valuable for countries still battling with the outbreak, or during any future waves of infection. Our team are also partnering with relevant NGOs and charities to bring vital hospital services to the Rohingya camp at Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh which currently lacks the healthcare support its people will need.

We’ve modified Neuron, our AI-powered digital building management platform, to operate a thermal imaging system for clients in China, to help screen people’s health as they return to work. And in the UK, our computational fluid dynamics experts have collaborated on a new medical shield which captures airborne pathogens to protect NHS staff during patient interactions, a partnership with NHS doctors, Rolls Royce and the Manufacturing Technology Centre.